Having had four books of my own published, I know the pain (and pleasure) of being preserved between covers, warts and all. My first, Spiked, was a novel. Then came The Movie Superchallenge, a fiendish quiz for which I also supplied a detailed index of every movie mentioned in the quiz. Fight & Kick & Bite was a critical biography of the television playwright and screenwriter Dennis Potter. My offer to compile its index was turned down; the one provided was unsatisfactory and I volunteered to remake it myself for the paperback edition. Finally, for the American edition (published as The Life and Work of Dennis Potter) I constructed a completely new index, a less harrowing exercise than the remake. It was my baptism of indexing fire.  I prepared the index for my own book Jeremy Corbyn – Accidental Hero.  I also contributed the chapter on Labour to the instant guide Tactical Reading: A Snappy Guide to the Snap General Election 2017