I am a graduate of the Society of Indexers training course and am usually in a position to take on new clients. What I bring to indexing is long-acquired knowledge, expertise and practical experience across a number of fields: drama and theatre, broadcasting, film and cinema, music of all kinds, literature of all kinds, journalism, politics, world affairs, history, philosophy, biography and general knowledge. 

I offer an immersion in a wide world that lends itself to being tested against the demands of serious, wide-ranging books. In an immensely varied forty-year career, I have worked as a journalist, editor, critic, interviewer, reporter and essayist on both sides of the Atlantic and in all the UK national broadsheets (as was) and dozens of periodicals from the popular to the academic. 

In parallel, I worked in television from the time that my first piece of dramatic writing was broadcast as a 'Play for Today' on BBC1 while I was still at university. Most of my producing and script-editing has been of drama, supplemented by occasional documentary projects. 

I have served on numerous industry boards, advisory committees and awards juries including those of the Edinburgh and Locarno International Film Festivals, the British Academy Awards (BAFTAs) and the governing board of the innovative Bush Theatre in London where I also sat a term as chair. 

All these roles mean that I am a career-long self-starter and that I know all there is to know about deadlines, clean copy, keeping to a brief and a budget, and being available yesterday. As a producer, I always came in on time and on budget. And on King of the Ghetto, I was responsible for disbursing in excess of a million pounds.

Should I be unavailable (or we cannot agree terms), do go to to find a suitable and fully qualified alternative.